Things will always change

Things will always change.

I’ve learned,

Over time,

That Life,

And Repetition,

Are Enemies…

History repeats.

History dies.


As a six-year-old me once wrote:

“Life is Life.”

I’ve learned that Life is Change.

I’ve learned that Life is,

Everything I’ve learned.

Everything I’ll never know.

Everything no one has ever,

Or will ever,


Life is hard.

It is perfect ease.

Life is ugly and beautiful…

It’s everything at once.

It’s the Smell you come home to.

It’s the View from your office window.

It’s the Taste of the air,

When it rains.

It’s the Sound of your own whisper,

Promising yourself,

Today is your day.

Life is the tingling Feeling,

When your nervous,

Or excited.

Life is your everyday routine.

Life is everything you will only do,


Life is never,


What you Hoped for.

But it is,


You ever Dreamed.

And things will always change.

But it’s okay.

We’re all going to be okay.



Creating a song means creating a story. Creating a story means creating characters. And creating characters means creating people with character. If you are creating a loving mother, she has to say endearing things to her child. She has to act lovingly. If you are creating a soldier’s wife, she has to be strong. She has to be brave enough to let her husband risk his life in war, and to deal with whatever consequence comes with that. The character pictured above plays the part of a master samurai. However, the writer who created her knew that she had to be more than that. She had to be, not only a master samurai, but a master of everything she took part in. She had to be fearless.

 All this sounds so complicated, and yet, creating characters is really very simple. In fact, we don’t really create, we take from what we know. We take from what we’d like to know. We take from what no one knows but us. In a way, every character a writer creates is just a piece of their own personality. Even the bad guys. After all, we are each creating our own character everyday… Ourselves! And you don’t have to be a best-selling author or a hit songwriter to write the story of your own life! So, if you’d like, you can take this moment to think: who do you want to be? Who is your character? Write your story! 

Thanks for reading everyone!

What happens in Vegas….hopefully stays there!!!

My family is a magnet for adventure. And when I say adventure, I mean that we very often get put in unusual circumstances, and have to find our own way out of them. Sometimes our ‘way out’ is not the same as the person next to us, even when we are having the same problem. In a way, that’s the best thing about having that person next to you, to balance it all out and find a way to work together.

On our way from Virginia city, Nevada, to Las Vegas, we drove a lot of highway. During our drive, we had a small issue that I believe is worth replaying for you in words. We were driving along, when dad looked in the rear-view mirror and suddenly said “oh!”. We asked what was wrong, and he said “our trailer is falling apart.”


I remember when he said it, because I thought he had said “our trailer is falling off” and my heart had tried to plunge out of my body, and the realization that it was just falling apart, not off, was really a relief. And then I took in the words. Imagine looking at your house and realizing that the walls were crumbling and the roof was caving in. That’s NOT what happened to us, but I admit my imagination did go there a little. Anyway, it was really just some siding coming apart toward the front of the trailer, and Mom and Dad fixed it up to go back on the road pretty easily.


But not until that night would we have our big scare.

We used to live in Vegas, when I was about four, so walking down the strip has always been less of a tourist attraction, and more of a reminiscent experience for me. One thing we used to love was the water show at the Bellagio, which we got to go see with my five-year-old brother, Brycen, this time.

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Then we went into the Bellagio to look around. There we were, going down a random escalator to a random floor when we received a friendly, almost amused-sounding  warning from a man going up the escalator next to us, who seemed to be a little… out of it. He looked at us and said “There’s a guy with a gun down there.”

It took a moment to comprehend what the man was talking about. Was he drunk? Was he joking?

I remember looking down and suddenly seeing everyone urgently rushing toward the escalator going up. Then everything happened in a second. Mom took Brycen and for a moment tried to walk back up the escalator going down, while dad seemed as though he didn’t believe the man. We heard some others talking about it as we immediately got on the escalator going back up, and that is when it really kicked in for me. All the mall or school shootings I had ever heard of… that was about to be us. I stopped my brain. I closed my eyes while I was walking. I folded my hands and prayed and within seconds I had no fear, and I felt God tell me “No one is going to die here tonight.”. And no one did. We got a taxi once we were out of the building, and got home safe and sound. No shots were fired while we were in the building. By the time we got home it was 2:00 AM, and 2 hours into my best friend Emily’s 16th birthday. I felt bad, but I had to tell her what had happened. I texted her and she woke up to text me back and we talked for a while, until she fell asleep. I did not fall asleep until much later, I was still shaking so hard. It was a terrifying experience, but I honestly have to acknowledge how much it opened my mind to what it feels like to be in that kind of situation. My dad said, “This could have been so much worse than it was, but we just weren’t meant to be there.” And Brycen, age five, said “It’s like God didn’t want us there or something!”

There was a group of armed robbers in the Bellagio that night. Story is, they were wearing animal masks and took sledge hammers to the glass of a Rolex store to steal the watches. One was caught, but the rest got away. And we got away too. I am so thankful that God protected us that night, and showed us that although we tend to find adventure,  we will be able to get out of ANYTHING, if we keep our faith. Thanks for reading, I love you all!!!



Back on the road…..goodbye Vegas!!

Goodbye Oregon….. for now! :)

Hello everyone!!!

It’s Day 5, and so far our journey has been great! Hold it- did I say great? I meant late. Although it has been great… just not according to plan. But then again, what ever goes according to plan?

Here’s a quick rundown to get you caught up on what has happened so far:

In the fall of 2016, we visited Nashville, Tennessee, and realized it was where we were meant to go. When we came home, we began preparing to move across the country, which involved trading In our car and truck for a bigger truck, one that could pull, say, a 37 foot fifth wheel all the way from Medford, Oregon to Nashville.tour bus We bought that 37 foot fifth wheel, did some painting and redecorating, and soon it was not just a trailer, but a home.

Of course, before we could move out of the house we were renting, we had to downsize… a LOT. Although getting rid of so much was not easy, we were soon able to move a family of five comfortably into one trailer. All the while, my parents were working toward the sell of our business, the Rocky Tonk, which was also soon completed. My sister and I quit Karate, which we had been involved in for 4 years, and we officially moved into our trailer to begin traveling. We took a trip to the Oregon coast to visit some family before we left, and then headed back through Medford for a day or two to get some final things done for the sell of the business… or so we thought.

On our way there, a tire came completely off of our trailer, and, after calling about 14 towing companies, none of which could tow us at the time, we settled in for the night on the side of the freeway in a very tilted and off-balance trailer. img_6462.jpg  IMG_6461

The next day, our friend Justin Goodlett came to help my dad get the wheel off the ground so that the trailer could be towed, and it was taken to an RV repair shop and fixed. So instead of being in Medford for a couple more days, we were there for about a week.

Thursday, March 16, we finally resolved to leave, around 11am. Unsurprisingly, we finally left around 8:00 PM and we didn’t get to Virginia city highlands until 6 AM, not to mention our truck’s brakes were messed up the whole way there and our friend Justin Goodlett (who had helped with the trailer tire, and multiple car troubles before) came all the way to Reno from Medford to help us fix it.

Anyway, we have finally left Medford and I have already met so many adventures, and opportunities for my music to be heard. Specifically, I have been doing some busking (playing for tips) outside my grandparents’ kettle corn shop in Virginia City, NV.

Where I made $15 on the first day, and $11 on the second, as well as being told by a stranger that I belong “somewhere way better than here”. It feels so amazing to know that even when it seems like no one is listening, my music is still being not only heard, but felt. I have had such a great journey so far, and I am so excited for what lies ahead! Thank you to everyone who is following my adventure, and helping me follow my dream!